Congratulations on purchasing a motion lounge from Adriatic. Below you’ll find some handy information regarding the battery pack.

How long does the battery pack charge last?

The length varies depending on the lounge (as well as what functions you’re using). For example, an armchair would typically use less power than a lounge with multiple electric motions. Plus, using additional functions, such as using the USB charging ports to recharge or power your devices will drain the battery faster than if you were only using the recliner motion functions.

To avoid the battery failing, we recommend charging it fortnightly, or at minimum, once every four weeks.

How do I recharge my battery pack?

It depends on the battery. When in doubt, carefully follow the instructions that come with the battery pack. This is the best way to prolong the life of the battery pack. Failure to follow the instructions can significantly shorten the life of the battery.

How many battery packs do I need?

This depends on the type of lounge you have and how many motions it has. The general rule is that you will need one battery pack per the number of motions your lounge has. So a lounge with one motion will need one pack, a lounge with two motions will need two packs and so on. For more information, read the attached flyer.


NOTE: Not all Adriatic lounges are available with a battery pack option. Please contact your nearest showroom for further information.