Battery Pack Overview. Below you’ll find some handy information regarding the Adriatic Furniture battery pack sofa.

What do I do when I receive my battery powered lounge?

Upon receiving your Adriatic battery powered sofa, it must be charged overnight or for a minimum 12 hours prior to use. Once charged, it is important that the connector/charger is disconnected from the sofa battery. All battery operated sofas, DO NOT have a USB charging port.

How long does the battery pack charge last?

The length varies and is dependent on the amount of usage and function of the sofa. Typically, it is expected that a battery operated sofa would require charging on a weekly basis.

How do I recharge my battery pack?

To re-charge the battery, place the three pin plug into the wall socket. Once connected, a green light will illuminate on the wall plug, for charging to commence. Attach the battery charger into the back of the sofa for charging to commence. Once connected, the green light on the three pin plug will turn red, indicating that charging is in process. Once charged, the red light will turn green, indicating that the battery is fully charged.

How many battery packs do I need?

This depends on the type of lounge you are purchasing, and how many motions it has. You will need one battery pack per electric recliner motion. So a sofa with one electric motion will need one battery pack, a lounge with two electric motions will need two battery packs and so on.

Can there be variations in usage and/or charging?

Yes, there can always be variations between two batteries in their function within the same sofa. This can be attributed to the amount of usage and the frequency of charge. At times, some batteries may require more charging than others.

NOTE: Not all Adriatic lounges are available with a battery pack option. Please contact your nearest showroom for further information.