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Solid Timber nest of 3 Tables. Made from solid Victorian Ash Timber.

Category: Occasional- Lamp Table

Details: Nest of 3

Dimensions: 50x50x 49.5 High Largest

Structure Details

Vic Ash Solid Timber Havana Stain

Information & Warranty


As timber is a natural material it is an expectation that each product made from wood can have individual characteristics in colour & grain even natural blemishes from the growth history of the tree making, each piece of furniture unique.

Timber Furniture sourced by Adriatic is guaranteed for two years against workmanship and construction faults…we remind customers that you are buying furniture made of a natural material that has been harvested from sustained growth forests, the timber is then kiln dried to stabilise and minimise the possibility of cracking, checking and warping of the furniture in certain climatic conditions.

A two year guarantee is applied to the timber itself, (all standards and procedures of correct timber conditioning are met) but we clearly state that some movement and change of appearance is a characteristic of all solid timber furniture, on that basis we apply this warranty.

It is important to realise the decision to purchase solid timber furniture should be made by knowing that the appearance of real timber can change.
The unique value and beauty of solid timber will never change.


We recommend to all customers that timber furniture should be placed in the home where there is no direct light that is constant and should also be placed in areas of stable atmospheric conditions… certainly not in areas of dampness or in areas of the home where heat of any source is constant.

Timber furniture is easily maintained by regular dusting with a soft cloth and the occasional wipe over with a slightly damp cloth.

Any spills and potential stains… e.g. red wine should be immediately’ mopped’ and the table wiped dry with a clean soft cloth.

Features of Solid Timbers

Australia’s most beautiful hardwood Vic Ash


Australia harsh climate produces the most unique and most durable hardwood.

The tree messmate is close relative to Victorian Ash/Tasmanian oak but with signaficantly more feature. It is grown in the vast temperate forest of Victoria where the fire floods droughts and strong wind are prevalent. It is a very large tree that grows to about 90 meters with a trunk up to 3 meters in diameter.

Nature Signature-
Throughout the life of our native eucalypt, the impact of the harsh and diverse climate is imprinted in the heart — wood. Deep red gum veins streak through the annual growth rings and show us where the tree was injured by the fire, wind and flood.

Pin-hole once inhabited by the ambrosia beetle appear in shot gum patterns and corkscrew trails are left by the squiggly worm.

  • Every piece different
  • The timber is hand selected at mill to ensure a consistent mix of characteristics. It is kiln dried, that no two pieces are ever the same.
  • uniquely beautiful
  • The natural feature found in this hardwood reveal a history of seasonal diversity in the forest. Unmistakably leaves her signature and with it, the opportunity for us designers and manufacturers to create totally unique finishes.


Color Options

At Adriatic, we have huge range of timber, glass, stone & concrete colours and styles. We look forward to seeing you in store, so we can take you through the complete range and help you select the right timber, glass, stone & concrete colours for your coffee & side tables.

Adriatic Product Care

All Adriatic coffee and side tables are designed to high-quality specifications.

Taking proper care of your coffee and side tables will help ensure you can enjoy it for years to come.

To ensure your coffee and side tables stay in optimum condition, please refer to the following care guide for the best way to care for your dining table and chairs.

Our Quality

At Adriatic Furniture we’re committed to continuous improvement of our furniture products. We quality control every piece, and offer a comprehensive warranty program on all of its pieces. We scour the globe to bring the very best from around the world.


At Adriatic all of our glass productucts are tempered glass, making them much stronger than non-tempered glass, although not unbreakable.


As timber is a natural material, every product made from it will have individual characteristics in colour, grain and even natural blemishes from the growth history of the tree, making each piece of timber furniture unique.


Quartz stone is a product which is about 90% quartz based. This product has outstanding properties to ensure ease of maintenance and longevity of your surfaces.


Welcome to the new trend of industrial concrete cement. Everyone of our concrete cement peices is hand made creating a timeless look and feel. Each piece is unique in itself and no top is alike adding character to every finish.


Adriatic Furniture provide a 12-month warranty against faulty workmanship for all products.

In addition, we are pleased to offer a 10-year frame warranty on new lounges.


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