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Hardwood Frame


The Adriatic frame provides a strong foundation for each sofa. Using only the best hardwood timbers, means your sofa will last longer without sagging or losing its shape.

Not all timber frames are the same. Spot tests are applied to key stress and weight-bearing areas for additional strength.

The strength of our sofa is guaranteed by a wooden structure designed to withstand the various stresses that comes with the use of the sofa over its working life. All materials used are selected and then tested by Adriatic’s QC department so as to measure their performance in all conditions over time.

The timbers used to produce each frame, comply with the strict international standards and don’t originate from any natural virgin forests, national parks or reserves or protected areas.

The Adriatic frame comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind for both you and your sofa .

Hardwood Frame Benefits

  • Strength
  • Longer life
  • Ongoing support without sagging
  • Flexibility for modular versatility
  • Improved individual comfort
  • Peace of mind

The Adriatic product remains intact and protected over time, as long as you respect and adhere to the advices provided to you in Adriatic material provided to you on the delivery of your sofa.

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