To All Our Valued Customers,

As you may be aware the current global challenges with imports due Covid-19 continues to hamper the arrivals of imported goods and with most factors beyond our control, there will be further delays.

We wish to advise that we are working very closely with all our partners to try and minimise these delays, however like many other industries and retailers who rely on international shipping, the impact continues to be significant in sea freight transport which has been caused by the pandemic.

For a period of time, certain countries within Asia have completely ceased all manufacturing and exports in response due to the Covid-19 outbreaks. There have been certain international ports which have unexpectedly shut down their entire logistics operations due to COVID-19 outbreaks, which includes one of the world’s largest ports in China. In addition to this, a container shortage globally has also compounded these delays with the impact being felt across the globe. At the same time shipping lines have responded by reducing the number of ships coming to Australia which has only added to the delays we are already experiencing.

Rest assured we are doing all we can to ensure all products and customer orders are received as soon as practicably possible. Some of the initiatives we have accepted and implemented to minimise these delays include paying a premium price for containers to ensure they arrive as soon as possible, which we hope will minimise the delays. We have also accepted that alternative routes may need to be taken to receive customer orders, and as soon as we receive notification of container availability from the port, a priority unloading is scheduled to meet our customers expectations.

All our staff are constantly being kept up to date with current and extended lead times and we would prefer to provide an extended lead time which may allow us the opportunity to work with our partners and ensure we can import and receive your products in the time frames quoted. This may not always be the case, however our intention is and will always be to provide the most up to date information and never to mislead any customers. We will continue to work closely with all of our partners to deliver you the best service regardless of the ever-changing landscape and the impact we are experiencing not just here in Australia, but globally. We continue to update our estimated lead times and will provide all our current and future customers our best estimate at the time of order.

Given the above, our current estimated delivery time frame for CUSTOM MADE orders will be between approximately 14-18 weeks. Please note this is an estimated lead time, and will vary due to factors which are beyond our control. As part of the Adriatic product program we have a number of products already on order or in stock which you will be able to receive sooner rather than later.

We sincerely apologise to everyone for these delays and the inconvenience it has caused. We too share your frustrations and at the same time we must thank everyone for being so patient and understanding.

For more information, please find some resources below:

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Stay safe, and we hope to see you in our showrooms again soon.

The Adriatic Family