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Terms and Conditions



The agreement signed by the purchaser is subject to the terms and conditions specified below, provided that the conditions or terms are not in breach of any statute or law applicable at the time and place of acceptance of this order by Adriatic Furniture.


Dates of delivery are only approximate. Delays may sometimes occur due to unforeseen circumstances or which are out of the direct control of Adriatic Furniture but every attempt will be made to minimize any inconvenience caused should this occur. All items shall be accepted for delivery by the purchaser within 7 days after Adriatic Furniture has given notice to the purchaser that the items are available for collection. If the purchaser refuses to accept delivery of the items, the purchaser will be liable to all costs and charges arising from such refusal to accept delivery Storage charges may apply.


Ownership of the goods and tile to the goods remains with Adriatic Furniture until such time as the purchaser pays all outstanding amount relating to this or any other agreement. Should the purchaser sell the goods pnor paying the full purchase price to Adriatic Furniture, the proceeds received by the purchaser from the sale of the goods will be held on trust for Adriatic Furniture.


Each piece of Adriatic Furniture is subject to the the terms and conditions of the manufacturers limited warranty. Adriatic Furniture will make good by repairing or replacing any defective product caused by sub-standard materials or workmanship covered by the manufacturers limited warranty. No other warranty is valid whether expressed or implied except for any implied conditions or warranty under mandatory laws applicable at the time and place of acceptance of this order by Adriatic Furniture. Inappropriate cleaning methods, excessive or above average loading and delects not the result of normal wear and tear could void the warranty The purchaser should obtain and follow the instructions relating to the care and maintenance for the product purchased. The guarantee or warranty is effective from the date of purchase when delivered to the original delivery address All original documentation, including invoices and receipts, must be provided.


No order which has been accepted by Adriatic Furniture can be cancelled without the prior written approval of Adriatic Furniture A minimum cancellation fee amounting up to 33% of the purchase price may apply at Adriatic Furnitures discretion. This fee would cover expenses relating to loss of value, administration and inventory costs and other associated or unforeseen costs


Payment, or any balance owing on your order, must be paid for in full, prior to despatch of any goods. Company cheques must be cleared 7 days prior to delivery and the purchaser undertakes not to stop payment of the cheque for any reason where payment is made by cheque. If the purchaser fails to pay all or any part of the purchase price (or the products by the due date for payment. Adriatic Furniture, without pre|udice to any other rights it may have, may retake or resume possession of the product and commence legal proceedings to recover from the purchaser such part of the purchase price as remains unpaid.


A minimum deposit of 33% of the total purchase price is necessary on all products marked “Special Order.” No refund or cancellation will be accepted on a special order.


A storage fee may apply if products are not collected or delivered after 28 days of the designated delivery date at which time goods must be paid for in full.


The description of all furniture as detailed in this agreement is accepted as correct by the purchaser. The purchaser acknowledges that colour swatches and samples are only approximate guides, as leather, fabric, timbers and any stone product may vary in texture, colour and finish. Depending on the selected covering and finish, the furniture may differ in character and feel when compared with showroom furniture. Softness and creasing of the furniture may also vary from the showroom furniture. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided as it can cause fading, drying and splitting to leather, fabric, timber and some stone products.


Adriatic Furniture reserves the right to change the design, price, construction and dimensions of its products without prior notice. The sales staff of Adriatic Furniture are available to assist with any queries regarding any products, but the final decision on any products including the suitability on a particular model, colour, finish or covering is entirely the purchaser’s responsibility. Therefore the purchaser should choose carefully because Adriatic Furniture does not refund or exchange.


New and upholstered furniture needs to be worn in. Leather and fabric may give furniture a used look and develop comfort creases. Depending on the frequency of use. materials used to fill the furniture may flatten and or soften over time and Adriatic Furniture accepts no responsibility in this situation.


The following is only a guide provided by Adriatic Furniture to enable the purchaser to care and maintain the product purchased.

    Direct and indirect sunlight must be avoided. Leather, limber, fabric and stone products could fade, dry split and warp if exposed to direct and indirect sunlight.rchaser such part of the purchase price as remains unpaid.
    When cleaning glass, use appropriate glass cleaner and avoid deep circular rubbing which may scratch the glass (Garble, travertine, lacquer, customwood or stone should simply be dusted and wiped down with a damp non abrasive cloth Liquid spills should be attended to immediately and hot objects must sit on a cover or place mat.
    Please obtain and follow instructions relating to caring for leather from the store nearest to you.
  4. GENERAL INFORMATION AND TIPS ON LEATHERLeather should be simply dusted using a soft cloth and if liquid spillage occurs dry immediately using absorbent cloth or paper. Food, grease or oily based products should be removed immediately and cleaned using a recommended cleaning solution. Leather should not be rubbed vigorously. Leather will exhibit marks and areas of differing density Shades and scars Will be visible which is the hallmark of genuine leather.
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