To ensure maximum life and enjoyment from your leather furniture, it is vitally important to maintain it correctly. All leather products require regular maintenance, cleaning and nourishing. All Adriatic sofas purchased and delivered come with a care advice booklet inside your sofa. We highly recommend you take the time to read and learn about the types of leather, as well as important information about the regular upkeep required of your leather sofa.

Vacuum your leather furniture at least fortnightly. This helps rid the furniture of dust and grit that can cause exaggerated wear of the top coat.

Wipe down the armrest and headrest fortnightly. Use a brand name leather wipe, or water that has been, preferably, boiled and cooled, applied to a soft white cloth. The armrest and headrest are the two areas most likely to accumulate body oils and acids as well as sweat. It is important to never use harsh detergents or chemicals on leather furnishings. Always use gentle, but efficient water based solutions.

Cleaning removes everyday dirt and stains, body oils and acids, and maintains its appearance.

Nourishing helps protect the leather top coat from the natural oils, grime and perspiration that is collected with everyday use. It also assists in keeping the leather feeling soft and supple.

We recommend that you clean and nourish your leather between 2 and 4 times per year. A simple way to remember is: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. When cleaning, pay particular attention to the headrest and armrest areas.

Puddling: As leather is a natural product, it will always stretch as a result of being sat in. This is a normal occurrence with genuine leather, and is the result of normal use in the high usage areas.

Commonly referred to as puddling, leather and fabric upholstery will soften and stretch more so in the first few weeks of use where natural settlement occurs.

The recovery rate of this stretching will vary – typically the amount of unrecovered stretch is up to 15%, and this even varies across the different of types of leathers and upholstery techniques. Factors which contribute to the amount of puddling are the size of the leather panel (large panels vs smaller segmented panels), the density of the foam, type of suspension (webbing/no sag springs) and the amount of weight, and or downward pressure placed on the seat.

It is expected that puddling will occur immediately, and once natural settlement occurs, is something that will not continue to occur down the track. This is directly related to and depends on; the amount of usage (some seats are used more than others), number of occupants in the home, and/or position of the sofa/s or television. As the amount of stretch is directly related to the amount of downward pressure, the only way puddling would increase is if a higher level of compression was experienced.

Additionally, please remember that leather is a natural product, and no two hides are alike in their fibre structure and grain appearance. With different processes for various types of leather, this too will have an effect on how the leather responds to use.

This is not a fault with the leather – it is a sign of a genuine leather product.

Leather Care And Tips: Maintain a distance of at least 50cm away between your sofa and heating sources. Avoid placing your sofa in indirect or direct sunlight as it may cause the leather to fade. Do not use harsh soap, detergents, all purpose cleaners or any unapproved solvent to clean your sofa. This will cause cracks and colour changes. Leather is a natural material which improves with age. While it is soft and supple, you should expect variations and nuances of shading, unevenness, grain and texture variation. This is the natural beauty of leather.

Vintage/Natural Leather Care And Tips

Adriatic’s range of vintage and natural leather furniture requires special attention and regular maintenance, as well as the correct use of specific care products. Some medications may interact with your leather furniture, causing harm to your furniture which is not covered by the Adriatic Furniture warranty. Incorrect maintenance of your leather furniture may invalidate your Adriatic warranty.

1. Adriatic Leather Kit

This leather kit is designed to improve the maximum life of all top coated or finished leathers.
Consisting of: 1 x 250 ml leather shampoo, 1 x 250 ml nourisher/protector, 1 x 125ml ink remover, 1 x sponge, and 1 x soft application cloth.

2. Ultimate Leather Kit

This leather kit is designed to improve the maximum life of all top coated or finished leathers.
Consisting of: 2 x 250 ml leather shampoo, 2 x 250 ml nourisher/protector, 1 x 125ml ink remover, 1 x sponge, and 1 x soft application cloth.

3. Ultimate Leather Wipes

Wipes are designed to be used on a weekly basis for a quick clean of all top coated or finished leathers. They are especially helpful in the maintenance of headrests and arm rests. There are twenty wipes in each resealable packet.

4. Ultimate Cleaner/Conditioner 500 ml

This cleaner is designed for all top coated or finished leathers as well as vinyl and PVC products. It is a medium duty cleaner designed for monthly use and is especially useful in maintaining the condition of headrests and armrests.

5. Ultimate 4 in 1 Leather Cleaner 500ml

This product is designed to be used on all top coated or finished leathers. It was formulated to be used between two and four times per year as a quick and easy, one application, clean and nourish of leather

6. Adriatic Vintage Leather Kit

This leather kit is designed to improve the maximum life of all vintage/natural finished leathers.
Consisting of:  2 x 250ml Nourisher/Protector, 2 x Ultimate Leather Wipes, and 1 x soft application cloth.